Genre Fluid City Folk

Philadelphia's Black Horse Motel crafts its genre fluid city folk sound by taking traditional folk instrumentation and lyrics, blending them with Americana roots, rock, blues, and country influences and tying it all together with rich vocal harmonies. The resulting sound is infectiously foot-stomping, heart-breaking, familiar and new. The band released And Then You Were Gone, a new 5-song EP, on July 20, 2018.
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Thank You. Goodnight.

Dear Friends,

Black Horse Motel has spent the last 10 years journeying through music and memories. We have not just made fans, but lifelong friendships. The band has allowed us to travel through the US and spend more consecutive hours in a vehicle than anyone should. We have laughed together, cried together, and have quite literally shed blood, sweat, and tears as a team. We are more than just bandmates; we are truly family. We have shared a creative bond that only people who play music together can have. We have seen weddings, divorces, new homes, deaths, births, tragedies, victories, early mornings, and late nights.

But all journeys must come to and end, and we have reached the end of ours. From here, the road forks, and each of us forges a new path. Some of us are pursuing solo projects, some collaborating with other artists, some are free agents. Whatever happens next, we will always cherish the time we spent at the Black Horse Motel.

It would have been impossible to accomplish anything without the help and influence of the massive support system that has surrounded us over the years. More than thank yous are in order, but for now, let’s start there.

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts:

To our families/partners/OG BHM fam, for supporting us in all the ways, letting us make lots of noise in their houses, listening to songs from their awkward infancy to watching us play them on stage, and giving us the time and space to pursue music: Kathleen, Michael, & Kara Manning; Meredith Murray; Catherine Collis; Jessica Kelso; Bill Noel; David, Tina, Gina, Lily, & Maggie Fitzpatrick; Teri & Rusty Lynch; Josh Buono; Maj; Savannah, Jackson, & Austin Kramer; & Betsey Kloss (we miss you).

To the patient and generous industry folks who kept us (as) professional (as possible): Professor Pooch, Ron DiSilvestro, Phil Nicolo, & Joe Lambert.

A special heartfelt thank you to Ron DiSilvestro for believing in us as people and musicians, for at times being the glue that held this band together, for guiding us through the emotions of the recording process, and for letting us goof off in the studio without killing us.

To our amazing extended BHM family. Thank you for listening, coming to shows, feeding/watering/beering us, letting us crash, carrying equipment, taking photos/videos, selling merch, and for being there for good and the bad times: Rick Katz, Patty Pierce-Bonfig, Jo Mowery, Ivan & Vicki Fuller, Cheryl Durrua, Mark C. Rodgers, James Suit, Michelle Lynn, Stephanie Berardi, Isaac Williams, Julie Kelso, Lisa Schwartz, Justin Nordell, Katie Kresz, Jennifer Rajotte, Zach Russell, Kelly Markowitz, Rebecca Barger, Dörthe Externest, Sam Cerminaro, Roger Goff, The Richardson family, Jim, Paula, & Dillon Minacci, Matt Kurland, Michael Baunach, Vicki Wells, Dawn Smith, Ian Zolitor, Philadelphia Music Co-Op, Philadelphia Folksong Society, MJ Slide, Rebecca Davis, Jess & Jon Garcia.

To our employers who gave us time to pursue our passion and coworkers who covered for us.

To every horsehead who ever came to a show, bought a CD, streamed our music, slapped stickers around town, or still wears a BHM t-shirt.

To past members: James, Andras, Johnell, Josh, and David, as they, too, were once part of the family and we learned much from all of them.

Our last official Black Horse Motel outing will be this year’s Homey Awards, a local music award ceremony hosted by Hometown Heroes and 93.7 WSTW on Thursday, March 14. Heck, maybe we will even win something!

Thank you for an unforgettable decade. See you around the bend,

Megan, Desiree, Galen, & Ryann