Miles For Days

We are very happy to be previewing another song to tide everyone over before the album release show on March 1st. Miles For Days is sort of a love song written to an ugly and drastic life transition (also during Black Horse Motel's drastic line-up change). I wrote it on the banjo while in North Carolina a year and a half ago, and a couple of months later we started building it to what it is now. This song is the perfect example of why this album was and is so important to us. It has been part of our set since Josh was in the "try out" phases of joining the band, and until now the only way to hear it was to come see us play it live (worth it!). We have been working so hard to make this music permanent and it is so great to be able to post a song like this up on the interwebs!

SO! Without further pointless rambling, I give you "Miles For Days". I hope you all enjoy!