1/12 North Star Bar post-show

We had a great time at our show at the North Star Bar this past Wednesday night.  It was freezing and snowy, so a big thanks to everyone who braved it and came out! As a first show with our new four-piece lineup, we premiered several new songs, notably "Rabbit Ears" and "Follow Me Down", as well as an updated version of "Grandstands".  We got some really positive feedback on these (and the oldies), but learned a lot from the experience as well.  Losing a band member, switching instruments, and using alternative tunings makes for a lot to master for a first show.  We are figuring it out though, through trial and error. From now on, it's onward and upward as the new Black Horse Motel!


P.S. - I was also really impressed with Lion Versus and encourage anybody who likes folky, down-home, Americana music to check them out.