Shows For Spring (and other fun stuff too)

Hey everyone, first of all thanks for all the support with spreading the word about the new album! It seems we've been getting some positive attention recently. Here's the latest: . You can read more under the "press" tab. I just wanted to remind everyone what is on our schedule for spring so far. First of all we have a show on April 14th at the Tin Angel. We are all excited to play as it will be our first time at this venue. And we are thrilled to be playing with such a fine band as Tumbling Bones. Check out their sound! The show starts at 7:00pm, it will be a great way to spend your Sunday evening, and if you sit down and have a meal at Serrano (the Tin Angel's restaurant) first, you get preferred seating. Get your tickets online now, don't risk it at the door. Get em' now!!! (also call this number to make your dinner reservations and get preferred seating 215-928-0770).

Also in April the On The Hill Series is doing an acoustic live recording with us, some of which will be filmed and set free to the interwebs, so expect to see that somewhere around April 21st.

May 3rd, we will playing Milkboy coffee in Ardmore. This is a very important date so everyone mark it down, because May 3rd is also Grandma Richardson's birthday! Rumor has it she will be attending her first Black Horse Motel show to celebrate (this of course means formal attire only (no jeans!!!)).

Well that's all I got for ya folks, keep listening. -David