Josh says goodbye & Galen says hello

It is with heavy, yet hopeful hearts that we announce that Josh has decided to move on from BHM. This transition has been in the works for a few months, and Josh has been kind enough to play with with us until we worked out the kinks and found a replacement. Earlier this month, we found a match with another guitarist/singer who goes by the name of Galen Fitzpatrick. Allow me to assuage any worries you have right now and tell you that, yes, he has a beard. You can check out his website and solo work here: We are very excited to start this new chapter of Black Horse Motel and are already working to get Galen up to speed with the set list and write new songs. Check out our show list and come show the new Horsehead some love!

Alas, now it is time to make Josh's departure official. We thank him for his music, friendship, and incessant quoting and wish him luck on whatever projects his musical road brings him to. Below is Josh's goodbye:

A Fine Farewell

Two years ago I had the distinct pleasure of joining a band interested in making “music for and from fine people.” Two years later, in retrospect, I can honestly say that is precisely what we did during my time with Black Horse Motel.

I joined the band in September of 2011 for one reason: to make meaningful music that we could all be proud of and that people would enjoy. Again, in retrospect, I know that’s what we accomplished.

What I didn’t expect, however, is that the four bandmates with whom I would share this journey would become four people I can honestly call…friend. As bandmates we pushed each other, challenged and stretched each other, supported each other all in the pursuit of creating something we all felt proud of attaching our name to. As friends we drank together, laughed together, participated in and witnessed a sacred wedding ceremony of one of our own, and encouraged each other through some of life’s more difficult moments.

For all of this...I am grateful, honored and forever indebted.

But whether by the wisdom of Solomon or by The Byrds’" Turn! Turn! Turn!", the astute among us know that to everything there is a season. And for me that season means a departure from the band Black Horse Motel.

I won’t make a Queen reference about how the show must go on (although I suppose I just did!)…but therein lies the truth. And it will.

So thank you…everyone…for the past two years. To every fan and friend I made during this season…thank you. A part of me will always be a Horsehead. I’m simply honored to have played my part…

Cheers, Josh

And the band plays on...we'll see you soon. Megan