New Songs, New Shows, New Covers! OH MY!

Hey folks, Greetings from your favorite banjo player. Just wanted to give a heads up to our beautiful fans that the next couple of shows will be unmissable! YUP! I don't want to ruin any surprises, or give up any secrets, but rumor has it that new material may or may not be in the works. Wink wink. So especially to our fans that have been to many of our shows, expect to hear new music soon. In fact, last show we performed a new song called "Run, Rabbit, Run" which you can view here if you haven't yet! Give it a listen!

Aaaaaaaaaaand Galen and I have been holding super secret meetings, in discrete locations, instruments in hands working on new material. We've been calling these meetings "super secret song writing sessions" or "sssws" for short. Don't tell anyone though. Desiree and Meg don't even know about it. The only people you can tell are all of your friends, so they will come out to see us play.

Don't miss our upcoming shows so you can be the first to hear new material (or maybe even a new cover)! If you are reading this post and thinking "Ermahgerd! I don't know when any of Black Horse Motels upcoming shows are!", CALM DOWN, CRAZY! You can always click on the "Shows" tab above, but since you're freaking out, here's a list: 12/20 - Melodies Cafe (formerly Milkboy) - Ardmore, PA 1/10 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA 3/07 - Boot & Saddle - Philadelphia, PA Details and tickets can be found on our Shows page. We will be adding more shows soon and will keep you posted as we add them!

Looking forward to seeing all your pretty faces soon, and remember to keep all this on the low down... down low?... Yeah down low, that's what people say. Keep it on the down low.

- David

oh my