Holiday Schmoliday!

Ok, so whatever holiday, or lack there-of, suits you is coming up and you're feeling frazzled. You're running around with your hands in the air. SCREAMING. You're probably even wondering where you left your head and what exactly it looked like. To make all of that worse, you're realizing that it's kind of last minute and you haven't acquired any token of affection for your loved one. Fear not good citizen, for Black Horse Motel is here to save you. Melody, from Hey Dude

Did you know that just two days from now we're playing at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore. It used to be Milkboy, but now it's Melodies. I think you'll agree, that it sounds more musical that way, or maybe it just reminds you of Hey Dude! Depends on your generation I suppose. But that's not the candle I'm lighting to chase off your darkness. Oh, no! I'm talking about our awesome Merch booth.

Do you know what your loved one wants this year? A friggin' Black Horse Motel t-shirt.

Black Horse Motel T-Shirt

DUH! Back that up with an album, throw in a copy of the EP so it's clear to his/her friends that s/he's no poser, but a Horsehead through and through, and you've got a recipe for winter solstice joy. We'll even throw in a sticker. But the trick is you need to be at the show to take advantage of these awesome holiday-only deals:

T-shirt + Red Summer Spirit LP = $20 (25% Off!) Red Summer Spirit LP + Black Horse Motel EP = $10 (BOGO!)

So make some plans to be at the show. Take your loved one to the show, then present them with the t-shirt like you won the stuff for them at a creepy carnival booth, and you'll know the relationship will last exactly as long as it will last.

See you all on Friday,


Details: Friday, 12/20, 8pm, Melodies Cafe - 2 East Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, PA $8 pre-sale or $10 door The Sun Flights Kwesi Kankam Black Horse Motel

p.s. It's an ugly sweater party, so wear one! Ugliest sweater wearer gets a free signed copy of Red Summer Spirit.