Every Film's Better with Beer and BHM!

Comic FaceWe spend lots of time on music. Oh yes, lots of time on music. Because it's awesome. But did you know we're also interested in other things? Sure, we are. There's keychains, amusing puns, and, of course, books of humorous tidbits to read while on the toilet.

But have you heard of this new thing, beer? How about moving picture shows? We're long time fans of beer, but we've just become involved in movies.

Check out this really great Temple University student documentary on the Philly craft beer scene. You'll see interviews with local brewers, pub owners, beer drinkers, and you'll hear us, Black Horse Motel. You'll have to watch the whole thing to hear us, but it's a program about beer, so you'll like it.

While we're at it, did you know we have some serious craft beer cred? We have our own beer! This past fall, BHM friend/photographer and homebrewer, Thomas Barrett of Barbarian Brewing, created a special brew just for us! Black Horse Motel Black Cherry Wheat.

It's BHM-tested and Des-approved!

Follow Barbarian Brewing on Facebook and Instagram to see see what Tom's brewing and drinking!

Cheers, Galen