Video killed the radio...wait

Hey all, Remember the glory days of the music video?*  So do we (well, maybe not Dave).  Anyway, now we've got some videos for you!  Don't worry, they are not artsy or conceptual in any way, just plain ole concert footage from our latest show at the North Star Bar.  You can watch them on our brand new Black Horse Motel YouTube channel or under the video tab above!

Hope you enjoy!  And a big thanks to Julie Kelso for filming and editing!

* For those of you who don't remember, a little background:  Bands used to make 4-6 minute videos to go along with their songs.  They were played on the MTV (that stands for Music Television) and careers were made overnight.  It was wild and primitive time before Jersey Shore and super sweet sixteens.  It's fun to remember.

- Megan