Strap on the Feedbag - Chocolate Cream Cheese Cherry Pie Brownies

Hay Horseheads - I don't know if it's this nasty winter that has me in the baking mood or if I'm just enjoying a challenge, but I decided to up my game for this round of the feedbag. I have also been having a serious hankering for chocolate and I know my bandmates don't mind when that happens, because it means they will also be eating chocolate. I also had a cold and when I have a cold, I want to eat everything and suddenly had a strange craving for cherry pie filling. So here are the results of lots of yummy things combined:

So, the verdict from the gang? - Well, Meg, and Cat, Chris and Rick of the extended BHM family thought they were awesome!

And as always, I leave you with all the info for our upcoming shows because I want to see your lovely face there!!

March 7th - Booth & Saddle (buy tickets here) April 19th - Northstar - Philadelphia Folk Fest Co-Op Showcase (buy tickets here) May 9th - Hard Rock Philly (Tickets TBA)