On the Importance of Names

sign from the black horse motelToday I'd like to talk a little about our great and noble namesake, the motel. (Full disclosure here, what follows would not pass as research in my classroom. I'm only going to cite one source, and it's Wikipedia. But you're a music lover so I'm hoping you'll forgive me.) Motel, a word coined in 1925 to combine the words motor and hotel were designed to provide lodging for travelers near the main highway routes and have basically been in decline since they peaked in the 1960s. What changed you ask? Major chain hotels started muscling in! Damn those comfortable hotels and their cheerful front desk workers. Motels were typically operated as independent businesses, in contrast to today's hotels, almost entirely operated as part of a chain. horse image Crap, motels aren't all that noble, here's something about horses. Horses were brought to the United States and though symbolically synonymous with the frontier of the New World are in no way a native species. A study recently showed that horses prefer classical music and country music over rock and jazz, but the reason for conducting the study is still largely unimportant to me.

Ok, we'll try the color black...