Tetris - Black Horse Motel Edition(& June 15th venue change)

First some business. Our June 15th show at the TLA has been moved to the North Star Bar. Same Black Horse Day, same Black Horse lineup... just a much more intimate venue. Come on down, get up front, shake your money maker. Unless your money maker is particularly lewd, in which case, shake something that is more appropriate. New info: June 15th // North Star Bar // 21+ // tickets here - $15 Lineup: Black Horse Motel // Onward, Etc. // Skinny Lister

For the rest of this blog post you're going to need to choose one of three soundtracks. I'm a fan of Choice C, but I understand if it's a little too hardcore for you. Choice A Choice B Choice C

Music chosen? Let's go!

Tetris in Clown Cars Let's talk travel arrangements. Black Horse Motel is not a tiny outfit. Granted, we're certainly no Polyphonic Spree, but 5 members can equate to an unusual amount of gear. Especially when you start to consider what instruments we play. We've got Megan, rocking a full drum kit. This isn't some paired down jazz kit, and it's certainly no marching snare. This is a rock band stage kit. It takes up some serious space. Desiree plays a cello. For those who don't know, it's like a violin, only enormous. (The upright bass is like a viola only enormous, thank heavens we don't have one of those... yet.) Now Ryann is at least nice enough to keep her kit small. A fiddle we can fit around other instruments in the cars. (Cars, plural, we'll get back to that.) Dave, banjo, that's not bad. Oh right, plus a guitar, plus a mandolin. Now myself, I try to keep things small and compact, you know looking out for the band, just an electric guitar, and acoustic guitar, a pedal board, maybe a square-neck resonator once I get the pickup installed, maybe the round-neck resonator for finger picking... You know, small footprint. Then of course there's the real space takers. I am of course talking about the melodica and the bells. If we throw in a harmonica, a fife, a penny whistle, a slide whistle or a kazoo, we're never going to get everything in there.

Right, the cars. You may have seen movies where bands travel around in a piece of specialized band equipment called a "van." Here at the Black Horse Motel stables we like to define "van" as any group of cars whose owners are foolhardy enough to allow us to use them to transport equipment. It's a good working definition and we really love our "van." Also, I don't know if you've ever had an intimate relationship with a cello, but the person in the backseat of our van certainly has. All I have to say is Desiree is one lucky lady to get so much time with that most sensitive and yet fun-loving instrument, the cello. Aw shucks, now my guitars are getting all jealous.