North Star Bar Wrap Up

Some Upcoming Shows of Interest
July 12 Newtown Square, PA @ Burlap and Bean w/Joy Ike July 25 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall w/Hannah & Maggie and Jus Post Bellum July 26 Newtown Square, PA @ Colonial Plantation at Ridley Creek State Park July 26 Chestnut Hill, PA @ The Mermaid Inn w/Hannah & Maggie

And Now for the Updates

People you've got the power over what we do You can sit there and wait Or you can pull us through Come along, sing the song You know you can't go wrong ~Jackson Browne, The Load Out

Sunday night saw Black Horse Motel playing at the North Star Bar. It was a shorter set than we're used to playing so we had to trim down the list a bit, and looking at the other bands on the lineup we went with the loudest, foot stompiest, sing-alongiest songs we had. And here's the thing. The audience was AMAZING.

Dear Audience,


Seriously though, the stage was shaking from audience participation. I wanted to personally invite every member of that audience to every show from now on, and I did.

Also, let's get some birthday love on. Sunday night was dear fan and friend and overall supporter of Black Horse Motel, Jordyn's, birthday.

A charming picture of Desiree with a poorly photo-shopped party hat.And for those of you not intimately familiar with our facebook page, Tuesday was Cello and Vocal Extroirdenaire, Desiree's, birthday.

Are you still reading? Wanna help us out with a quick questionaire? The lineup from Sunday's show turned out to be amazing, and it's not necessarily a bill we would have thought to put together. Go North Star Bar! Still, maybe you could help us to design better shows for you, the people for whom we do this...

Thanks, Galen