Summer Recap

Ok, clearly this summer was an amazing time for us. We played Musikfest, Philadelphia Folk Festival, and set a new personal record for shows per hour by playing three shows in under 28 hours (that's 1/10th of a show per hour, for fraction lovers). We've also been putting together some new music for you and trying them out at shows along the way. More great music will be forthcoming. You'll just have to wait for it. Now I'd like to move on to a subject near and dear to all of us here at the Black Horse Motel stables...

♞   Boots!   ♞


If you've never experienced a boot, let me sum the concept up by saying its like your shoes fell in love with the legs of your pants. The entire band wears them and we're oddly attuned to other people's boot choices too.


And now for the in-depth BHM boot preference analysis you've always wanted:

Galen: I favor the browns in a square ended harness boot or a more rounded oxford toe. I also like a stitched welt. Glued on soles never seem to live up to my abuse. Megan: Floats between oxford/wingtips in shades of brown and classic black. But she will always have a place in her heart for good 'ol classic Dr. Marten's. Dave: Favors black as of late (it's easier to find a Sharpie to fix marks) Recently switched to a pair of riding boots with a pointier toe. He still has a pair of no-socks busted up brown ones that you can sometimes catch on a warm weather Sunday Des: Blacks and grays with laces. Heights vary. Des most likely owns the most boots in the band. If that's not true, she's done a good job of making them look new to me. Ryann: Has lately been rocking a set of tan, slouchy, ankle cowboys. This will be our first band autumn with Ryann, so more boot research will be conducted. Findings to be published at a later time...or never.

Does this band love broguing? Why, yes! Stick some little holes in the tips of my boots and I'm in heaven.


Since my bulldog ate my Frye boots, I'm searching (see above...sigh)