House Concerts are AWESOME (you should host one)

First, BUSINESS. How have you not figured out that we're playing this weekend at Boot and Saddle? Boot and Saddle is one of my favorite venues in Philadelphia. The sound is great, the taps are great, the room is great. It's better than your place, so get out this weekend and come see us!

Picture of show poster

Now, speaking of your place... I'd like to formally apologize for suggesting that your place wasn't up to par. (Why the hell do I even use that phrase? I hate golf.) At any rate, you've bought our CDs so I'm sure you already know that we sound great in your house. You've probably closed your eyes and listened to us on your multi-million dollar sound device and thought, oh my god, it's like they're really right here with me. When we record we're definitley pretending we're there with you. Thanks for the drink by the way, it was really nice of you to offer, and we love what you've done with the place since the last time we were here. Is that a new lamp?

Anyway, long enough ago that I'm (almost) embarrassed to be writing about it this late, we played a house concert for the Extreme Folk Scene. It's absolutely one of the best nights I've ever had playing music. House concerts are fantastic. The room is always great, with a real focus on the comfort of the audience and the band is right there. Stories about how close you were to the band at the stadium are ridiculous by comparison. The show is exactly the right length, and you get to have your best friends around you for what is ultimately a private show.

My point is, house concerts are great. If you've never been to one I highly suggest contacting Extreme Folk Scene as they host a series of them. If you already know that you love house concerts, I suggest you step up and host one. If you'd like us to play at said house concert, and let's face it, that's why I'm telling you how amazing they are, I suggest you contact us at