There, I said it. I've been a fan of podcasts since before I had an iPod. That's right, the one with an "o" instead of an "a." I love the idea of independent people creating public media. It's like my favorite radio show, but without the need for huge advertising bucks to support it. So I figured today, I'd let you in on some of my watching and listening habits. Oh, quick spoiler there, I prefer listening to watching. Take that how you will. IMG_0233-0.JPG

I love radio drama. I have since the first time I heard one. (The star of my vinyl collection is a Firesign Theater recording of Nick Danger) Currently I hang in there with the Welcome to Night Vale crowd. Lovecraftian horror just makes me all tingly. There are no dogs allowed in the dog park is a frequent statement around my house used to describe everything from that creepy feeling you randomly get to a much more literal statement about bureaucratic ridiculousness. If someone wanted to get me some scout badges for my guitar strap, I would be grateful.


Oh, WBEZ Chicago! I'm a longtime listener of This American Life. And I'm totally hooked on their new spinoff Serial. This American Life is a little easier for spare moment listening since it's multiple stories in one episode.


With Serial, you need to give yourself some time to really listen to a whole episode. Major warning here, episodes of Serial don't come out nearly often enough, and it's highly addictive. Imagine a drug dealer who is constantly away on business and you'll understand my feelings on this great piece of radio. Seriously, I'm jonesing for a new episode just writing about it.

IMG_0236-0.JPG I'm also a big fan of the short story as a form, and science fiction as a genre. Escape Pod is easily one of my favorite podcasts, and I think it's also the very first podcast I started listening to. It's the one I constantly recommend to people. Stop wasting time and go subscribe to it. If you're into horror you can also check out their sister blog Psuedopod and if fantasy is more your thing (winter is coming after all) try Podcastle.

Ok, for music, I used to listen to All Songs Considered. I'd still love to, but I just don't have the time. It's a long format, meandering piece and I found I was constantly 2 weeks behind and it was starting to feel like work to digest songs I wasn't even really interested in. I do miss the occasional moments of gold I found. I discovered Songs: Ohia through All Songs Considered, so I can't badmouth them. I've just started trying out The Current Song of the Day. So far, just one dud, but since it's only one song, if I'm not into it, I can move on without feeling like I'll miss something better if I refuse to wait it out.

For sheer authenticity, it's hard to beat Old School Record Review. (Just putting cards on the table here, yes, Black Horse Motel was interviewed. Yes, it was awesome, and yes, it fulfilled my dweeby life goal of being on a podcast. I'm like that.) Still, David does a great show and the associated blog is great long form writing about music.