5 New Albums To Keep You From Winter Despair

If you are anything like me (for your sake hopefully you are not), this abrupt change in temperature has amplified the once small voice inside of you, that speaks from the deepest darkest chasms of your closeted insanity, which prods and reminds you how alone you are, and that you'll never amount to anything because even if you do your life (in the grand scheme of things) is still insignificant. If you are like me, that once small voice now has a megaphone.

So instead of moving out to the woods, burrowing in the dirt, and hibernating for the rest of eternity, we find things to look forward to. I always look forward to new music (if you are reading this I'm sure you do too). So without further ado here is my top 5 new Albums to snatch up.

1). Horse Feathers - So It Is With Us

I mostly have Megan to thank for the discovery of Horse Feathers, and besides Game Of Thrones, they are one of the few things Black Horse Motel unanimously enjoys. I love them for their swelling string section, their cold haunting harmonies, and most of all for Justin Ringle's dark lyrical style juxtaposed with the sweetest melodies. So It Is With Us takes a step away from Horse Feathers' usual format. With a heavier presence from the rhythm section, and syncopated harmonica parts, So It Is With Us has a livelier feel than any of their previous albums. Justin Ringle admitted in an interview with Sleepover Shows "There was more emphasis put on the question of whether or not the material would be fun to play live." I was so confident in this albums' brilliance that I pre-ordered it on vinyl, and it has been spinning away ever since. Buy So It Is With Us here!

2). Jose Gonzalez - Vestiges And Claws

Jose Gonzalez has been a busy man, helping out with motion picture soundtracks, working on music with his other band, Junip, and working out string arrangements for orchestral versions of his other solo songs. It's no wonder his last solo album came out over 7 years ago! This album promises to get back to the roots, which is the minimalistic acoustic sound that Jose Gonzalez started his career with. Jose Gonzalez has become a big name over the years, but his popularity doesn't seem to have changed his style, as demonstrated in the single, Every Age. Plus!!!! The official music video for Every Age is gorgeous. You can pre-order Vestiges and Claws here.

3). O'Death - Out Of Hands We Go

To put it very simply.... O'Death is the most badass! Almost too badass... Almost. They're sound is delightfully unique with notes of punk, rock, blues, country, roma, all wrapped up neatly in sweet folky goodness! Their newest album, Out Of Hands We Go, is more rowdy then the rest, with a slightly off sound that pushes and sways to eerie string parts, dizzying horn sections, and death-centric lyrics, all backed by the banjo and drums darkly chugging away. O'Death's deep, dark, muddy sound is something beautiful and quite frankly unparalleled! Buy Out Of Hands We Go here.

4). Pearl And The Beard - Beast

Pearl And The Beard has such a full sound, especially for a three piece. Their last album was full of complex harmonies executed to perfection, beautiful cello leads, and a rhythmic backbone that quite simply wails. What sets them apart from the rest is certainly their expert harmonies. The way Pearl And The Beard's vocals blend is unbelievable, and yet whether in the studio, or live, they consistently achieve a sound that is intricate, light, and positively uplifting. This triad of folk-harmony brilliance is crowd sourcing their latest album through PledgeMusic.com. So all you need to do to pre-order their album is make a pledge! Do it! You won't be sorry, you can find their pledge page here.

5). Murder By Death - Big Dark Love

Murder By Death has a very old sound that carries all the charms of folk, country, Appalachian, and rock music to a new audience. Some of their hit songs like Lost River or Three Men Hanging demonstrate front man Adam Turla's talent for story telling. Turla's writing harkens back to the old folk and country ballads that my grandparents very well may have been singing when they were kids. Which is paired with a Johnny Cash-esque voice that perfectly delivers! Just add swoon-worthy cello swells, and rock drums and you have Murder By Death. Their new album Big Dark Love is being funded by Kickstarter.com, and again all you have to do to reserve your copy is pledge here. There album comes out in February, which marks their 15th year together! Make sure you pick up Big Dark Love ASAP!

So don't despair in the bleak mid-winter because new awesome tunes are coming your way, and you don't want miss out. I'm very excited for each of these artists, and if you wanna be cool like me you should be too!

With Much Love, David