The Practice Derby Take 1

Hi!Welcome to Black Horse Motel's newest installment of pun-tacular web posts "The Practice Derby." Before I tell you what that's all about, here at Black Horse Motel's website you will find that members of the band specialize in 'horsey-themed' posts and I would like to highlight them first before I tell you about the "Practice Derby."

Desiree makes sure you are well fed with delicious treats from "The Feedbag." In "The Feedbag" posts you will find awesome recipes.  Megan reviews what bands and artists are favorites of the band members in Black Horse Motel, and she introduces you to new music from all over the place in her "Horse Tracks" web posts.  And last but not least, Dave gets right to the point in his web posts titled "Horse Shit."  "Horse Shit" is perfectly appropriately named for our past musical fails, flops, and embarrassingly bad song writing.  As years move on, the band will have plenty to add to this web post.  In short, "Horse Shit" keeps us humble.

I'm very excited that I get to put my two cents in now!  Welcome to the "Practice Derby!"  Have you ever wondered what musicians do to practice their craft?  I have.  I thought it would be fun to share with you how I practice improvisation and a whole bunch of other things on the violin.  It's not magic, it's hard work.  I could definitely use more control and discipline in my practice and playing in general.  I usually won't practice unless I have an important gig approaching, and that's a shame.

SO! I thought I would ask YOU to suggest a song, a piece, a cover - anything - a Jimi Hendrix solo - an Outkast song - Bach's Partita's - anything, seriously.  Just put your suggestion in the comments section of the Youtube video below.  I will pick one of the suggestions and the next video post will (hopefully) give you a glimpse into what it took for me to learn the tune and maybe I'll nail it, or maybe it will be like an epic Pinterest Fail.  Either way, hopefully it will be entertaining.  Enjoy the video!

Cheers! ~Ry