Container Department: Travelite Cases


Instruments are an investment, no doubt. It's just difficult when you look at a good instrument case and discover it costs more than your instrument does in the first place. Also, fiberglass wonder cases are heavy! I've used chipboard cases and skb/gator abs cases. I like these travelite cases much better.

I use the resonator case for both my roundneck and squareneck. Des uses one for her cello. Here's the Pros and Cons as I see them, and below a video of someone else comparing them to another brand.

  • Pros:
    • Xtreme light weight
    • Good protection
    • strong closure system
    • self contained hygrometer
    • Concerns
      • hinge durability
        • The hidden metal hinge is attached with nails to they foam structure. This obviously eventually pulls out.
        • The cloth around the hinge is glued into place and under repeated pressure the glue gives way and the case begins to fall apart.
        • As of right now, though Des' cello case and my resonator case are both showing these signs, neither has lost any functionality as a result.
        • More difficult to label clearly
        • Not sharps protected