summer updates

Wow, how time flies when you're having fun! Here's a brief rundown of what we have been up to since May (in descending order)

  • We've got one more show coming up before we take a small break. It's this Saturday at the Bus Stop Cafe in Pitman, NJ with April Mae and the June Bugs, who we had the pleasure of meeting while we both competed in the Music-a-Live! Philly band competition in May (see below). It's a coffee shop/record store, so we will be doing a more-than-usual acoustic set. Come check it out: The Bus Stop Cafe

    148 South Broadway, Pitman, NJ

    7pm - BYOB, $7

  • We have been playing around the Philly area like crazy lately! Most notably, we had awesome shows at The World Cafe Live, North Star Bar, and The Fire in Philly, as well as the Baby Grand in Wilmington, DE, where dear BHM friend James Suit filled in for me on drums! Thanks again, James!
  • Speaking of last week's North Star show, it was killer. It was a real treat to play with such talented and NICE people as New Sweden, Cait Black, and James Suit. We had so much fun with all the cross-pollination that happened - Andras and I singing with James, James singing with us, New Sweden with us, us with them. It was a big happy noise! We also want to thank the incomparable Johnell Lawrence for joining us once again on violin! Here's a pic that pretty much sums up the night: (more pics here)black horse motel and new sweden Want to hear what this sounded like? Of course you do! Here's a video (courtesy of James Suit)
  • The band bought me an awesome birthday gift: a custom BHM kick drum head. One more step to legitimacy! black horse motel drum head
  • For the entire month of May, we participated in the Music-a-Live! Philly band competition, held at The Legendary Dobb's on South St in Philly. 14 bands started it off, with eliminations each week. Bands would perform and be judged immediately in front of the whole audience, American Idol style! Judge and audience votes would then be tallied, and bands would be placed in ranking order. The next week, the bottom 4 bands would play 1-2 songs for a lifeline. One of those bands would then advance to the next round. Since so much time has passed since then, I'll make a long story short - we were never in the bottom four, and in the end, we got second place. Not too shabby for our first battle of the bands. By the way, the winner was instrumental jazz fusion band LP Stiles. Give them a listen and you will understand why we didn't mind taking second to them. We all agreed that it was one of the best things we could have done for our band. Knowing we were going to be judged forced us to up the ante. Songs were picked apart, transition piece were written, playing was tightened, harmonies were nailed down, and everything was practiced, practiced, and then practiced again. The excitement of positive feedback from the judges and audience and advancing every week fed our energy. By the third and fourth rounds, we tapped into a vein, and started enjoying ourselves. It would have been nice to win first place, but it didn't really matter. We were honored to be a part of it, to meet so many great people, make contacts, etc. More importantly, we improved. We started a ball of energy rolling that has continued into the many shows we have played since. We watched as the crowd warmed to us over the weeks. We've found a groove and a confidence. So, thanks to Music-a-Live! Philly, Dobb's, and EVERYBODY who came during the month to support us and the other bands. We appreciate it more than you know!

    Here's a video of "Wheatstraw" from round three. The audio isn't great, but we're having a hell of a time!

      Thanks for reading and we promise to update about our EP release and merch soon! - Megan