wanted: additional horsehead

As you may or may not have noticed, Black Horse Motel has been laying low for the past month.  We've known that Andras is leaving for a few weeks but we wanted to take some time to make decisions and plans as a group before making any announcements. The (hopefully for you) good news is that the remaining members of the band have decided to continue on as Black Horse Motel.  However, we now face the task of filling the empty spot at the front and center of the stage.

Now, I can only imagine how many of you out there have always dreamed about joining the ranks of BHM, but I sure hope that one guy reads this post.  That mediocre joke brings me to my point: Black Horse Motel is now holding auditions for a new vocalist/guitar player.  Obviously, we are looking for someone who can sing and play guitar.  However, beyond that, we are seeking a few more qualities: you like our music and want to make more of it with us, write some of your own music and have samples, are serious about the pursuit of a musical career, can make a full commitment to the band, and are not a crackhead or a serial killer.  Actually, words are overrated, so we made this flowchart to help you decide if you should audition:

flowchartIf you are interested in auditioning or have any other questions, please email us at blackhorsemotelmusic@gmail.com.  Please include a little about yourself (name/age/location) and links to samples of your music.  If you know anyone who may be the next horsehead, please pass this info on to them!

Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your continued support!  We hope to get our feet back to stompin' as soon as we can!

- Megan