happy holidays from the FIVE of us!

Five? Yes, five. We are very excited to announce that the very talented, very debonaire, Johnell Lawrence has joined the group!  Johnell is an old BHM friend and has performed with us on several occasions. She will now be adding a scrumptious layer of viola and violin to our tunes.  And don't worry, in true Black Horse Motel fashion, she will most likely be playing more instruments (at the same time) before she knows it. We are very thrilled to have such a talented gal join our ranks.  So keep an ear out for new Rehearsal Tapes soon!

So, from all five of us here at BHM, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, and good non-denominational day to all of you!  We can't wait for 2012!  (It's the year of the horse).  Happy New Year!

bhm christmas