there are still reasons to donate to our Kickstarter

Hey everyone!Just wanted to let you know that even though we are all really excited about hitting our goal on Kickstarter, there is still more work to be done. Most people don’t know this, but both Amazon and Kickstarter will take a percentage of our donation total. We have done the math and it adds up to about $800! So before we celebrate too much, we want to raise that much over our goal to cover these loses. But we only have until Thursday, May 10 at 4pm! We know that with fans like ours, this will be a breeze. So if you have been waiting to give and thought “oh well, they already made it”, we still need your help! So please keep donating and don’t forget about the awesome giveaways we have lined up!

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Our project ends Thursday, May 10th at 4pm. Please donate before then!

- Dave

P.S. We heard the first mix of our EP, and it sounds great! Make sure you get it!