you did it!!!

From all five of us, thank you to all our Kickstarter donors and supporters: friends, family, friends of friends, co-workers, colleagues, old fans and new fans.Final donors: Mary Love, Thereasa Perry, Sara, Rachele Cipollone, Liz Janczewski, Chris Rios, Jonathan Truitt, Antoine McIntosh, Fawn Harmer, Joe Martinez, Nick Montgomery,Ted Richardson, Cooze, Jason Dillalogue, Timothy Morris, Jesse Chin-Yet, Eric Nusbaum, Brianna Hansen, Rick Dale, Eric, Judy Lindfors, & Rick Estacio

Can you believe it??? We surpassed our goal and raised over $10,000. Such a huge triumph! We are truly humbled by this entire experience. Because of you, Black Horse Motel is one step closer to fulfilling our long awaited dream. We can finally breathe and refocus our efforts.

group toast

Now, we enter the next phase. The five of us are in the process of looking for a studio and a team of engineers that can best execute an album that represents what is "Black Horse Motel." More importantly, we are in the zone. Writing and creating new musical magic is our current focus. Our job as musicians will never be done. Performing is our passion. Creating equals breathing!

Again, thank you all so much for helping us continue to live the dream.  We are truly grateful. Black Horse Motel is prepping to bring "SEXY" back!

- Johnell

Upcoming Shows:

On Friday, May 25 at 8pm, we are performing at Arlene's Grocery.

On Friday, June 22 at 2pm, we are performing at our first music festival - Something Else Fest!