A long, hot, BHM summer

Here we are, a week into July trying to beat the heat by writing new songs, booking shows and getting ready to record that full length album!


BHM decides on Forge Recording Studio to record their first full length record with Producer/Engineer Ron DeSilvestro. - It was a long and arduous process. We visited more than a handful of studios, each one better than the last. We met several talented owners, engineers and producers that we hope to work with in the future, but in the end, it can only be one for now.

BHM plays their very first festival - elseFest - We opened up elseFest on a hot and buggy day in Wagontown, PA (Yes, this actually exists). There were only a few souls brave enough to come out of their shaded camping areas and sit on the brutally sunny hills, but between the listeners close up and afar, we got a great response. We managed to sweat through our set before a severe storm came through and postponed the main act. Hopefully next year we can go again and play after the sun sets!

Des gets married - To wrap up the very last day of June, our cellist, Des, got married in the picturesque countryside of Upstate, NY. After the DJ wrapped up the dancing portion, a band finished up the night... and what better band? but yes, BHM. Des played her very own wedding reception - an exclusive private show for a bunch of drunken friends and family dressed in 1920's attire!


A happy Independence Day to all!... and holy horseheads, this is one ridiculously hot summer. Here are a few amazing ways to beat the heat with cool drinks, cool friends and cool music:

Thursday, July 12 - BHM with The Jersey Corn Pickers and Emily Arin at Milkboy Philly Saturday, July 14 - BHM with The Grand Nationals and Sons Of Bill at North Star Bar Friday, August 10 - BHM with Christopher Paul Stelling at Milkboy Ardmore

Please stay tuned for more updates. There are so many things going on right now!