BHM's first EP, Kickstarter Rewards and more!

Hey everyone!  We bring exciting news to all our fans, especially those who donated to our Kickstarter project which will fund our full length album later this year. The EP we recorded with Edan Cohen is being mastered as I write so expect that very soon.  We hope to have it pressed in time for our August 10 show at Milkboy in Ardmore, PA (fingers crossed!).  And for those of you who donated at the appropriate reward level, you'll be getting a download version for free!

Next up, on the same front, we are working on some new merch designs (especially the t-shirt).  If anyone has any great ideas for t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. we'd love to hear them.  Otherwise Meg is pretty awesome with this sort of thing pressure!

Other than that, make sure you make it out to our Ardmore show (get your tickets here!).  We're playing with a good friend of ours and amazing musician from Brooklyn, Christopher Paul Stelling.  It'll be our last one for a bit as we gear up to enter the studio to start recording our full length at Forge with Ron DiSilvestro.

Thanks to everyone who's made it out to our shows this summer.  We've gotten a chance to play with and get to know some great folks!

'Til next time...