New Music, New Shirts!

Hey everyone!  We have been busy getting ready to record our first full length album. It has been hard work writing and brainstorming to get some new material. The new songs are sounding very good though, and everyone is excited to get into the studio and start our big project! Of course, we owe it all to our fans that supported us through Kickstarter. That is why we have been spending time preparing our Kickstarter rewards. In fact, we just designed new t-shirts. We wanted a t-shirt that was quality, comfortable, and stylin', so our new t-shirts will be from the LA-based Bella + Canvas company.  Check out the shirt here! With the new shirts comes a new design, and let me tell you, it looks awesome (thanks Megan!). Anyway, there is much to look forward to, and all of us are excited for the next couple of weeks!

- David

P.S. - If you are getting a t-shirt as a reward for your contribution, anticipate a Kickstarter email from us soon, asking for size and shipping info.