EP release and Kickstarter rewards shipped!

Well, it’s been a while since we have given you all an update, so I better get to gettin’.  We’ve been super busy with recording our album, which is going swimmingly.  We are nearing the end of recording sessions at Forge Recording with Ron DiSilvestro and are moving into the mixing stage.  But more on that later... In the meantime, we have also released a 4-song EP!  We recorded these four songs over two days several months back, with the help of friend and producer Edan Cohen in Desiree’s house.  The EP was mastered by our current producer, Ron Disilvestro. It’s available for download from our Bandcamp site : blackhorsemotel.bandcamp.com.  Bandcamp is a great site that small and unsigned bands can use to distribute their music.  We also have very limited physical copies available.  Contact us or come to a show to get your hands on one of those!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about this EP, so here are some answers: 1. What’s an “EP”? EP stands for “extended play” i.e., longer than a single, but shorter than an LP or “long play” record.  These terms harken back to the days of vinyl. 2. Oh, so you’re all done recording already? or This is what you guys did with the Kickstarter money? Nay. This recording is not what we created our Kickstarter campaign to record.  Our Kickstarter project was created to fund a full-length studio album, which we are in the midst of recording right now.  This EP was a quick 4-song project we did cheaply and with some favors from friends.  It was designed to give us something to send to promoters, radio stations, etc. until we have a full album and as a gift we could give our Kickstarter donors. 3. Can I listen to it? Sure!  You can stream it from our Bandcamp site: blackhorsemotel.bandcamp.com. 4. Can I buy it? Well, of course! Digital copies of our EP are available at our Bandcamp site: blackhorsemotel.bandcamp.com. We also have limited physical copies.

-----------------------------------------Kickstarter Rewards--------------------------------------

We have also been (finally) getting your Kickstarter rewards out to you!  By now, everyone who donated to us at level 4 or below ($10-$100) and elected to receive rewards should have them.  These include buttons, stickers, necklaces, download codes for our EP and t-shirts. (If you haven’t received your rewards, please contact us at blackhorsemotelmusic@gmail.com).  For those of you who donated more than $100, all rewards pertaining to our full-length album will be fulfilled once the album is finished. We are looking at a February-March release, but more concrete info will be coming very soon!

Again, thank you so much to everyone who donated. We will be forever grateful! -Megan