post-saddle report

Well, as usual, I am late on my post-show post.  Eh, the ten people who will read this to humor me were probably there anyway.  So, thank you, ten readers, you give me a chore to do after work.  Oh boy, I'm feeling surly! Anyway, the show! It was a great success!  We had an amazing crowd and despite my usual "we need more rehearsals" worries, Dave's first big show at center stage, and the official break-in of new horsehead, Josh, it went swimmingly! (Des is always calm and assures us that all will go as planned and is always right). Thank you forever to everyone who came out and continues to support the band after the line-up change.  Thank you also to the other bands - Rebecca Way, The Cold Roses, and Big Fat Marker - we really enjoyed your sets and your company!  And lastly, thanks to the North Star Bar and soundman Joe!  We always have a great time working with ya'll.

BHM friend Tom Barrett was on hand taking pictures and they will be along shortly.  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We have video of two new songs courtesy of Carolyn Woods.

We've also posted a few new Rehearsal Tapes for your listening pleasure.  We are currently starting to plan for 2012.  It's full of shows, radio station appearances, recording, and surprises!  Stay tuned for these and another VERY EXCITING announcement coming soooon.

Introducing...Rehearsal Tapes!

Hey Friends! Black Horse Motel is in a giving mood this holiday season, so we have decided to share our rehearsal recordings with you! Every week (roughly), we will post a new recording from one of our rehearsals, uncut and unedited (yikes!). Hope you guys enjoy the first, "Grandstands". Check it out to your right! Stay tuned!