Our new EP - "And Then You Were Gone"


Today is an exciting day! We finally get to share the title and cover of our latest EP with you! The new record is called "And Then You Were Gone".

It's releasing everywhere digitally on July 20th!

CDs will also be available through Bandcamp and CD Baby and at the merch table at shows.


We are celebrating the release on Saturday, July 21st with an awesome show/party we are calling RARE HORSE RADIO! Our amazing friends (and two of our favorite bands) Rare Spirits and Earth Radio will be joining us.
Join us on 7/21 at the new Philadelphia Folksong Society venue in (Roxborough) Philly!
6156 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128

Get your tickets NOW! 

Want to know more about the new album?

Last year, we released Parable, a cathartic cautionary tale that we poured all of the dumpster fire that was 2016 into. It was a personally rough year for all of us.
After finishing Parable, we immediately began work writing the songs that come after that deep cleansing breath. And Then You Were Gone is us pushing from sadness, through anger, and into acceptance. We filled it with energy that comes out of emerging on the other side of a trial with a clearer sense of self. It's that place where you can talk about the old wounds of abandonment and loss, while reveling in your newfound freedom and independence.

Sonically, we tapped into veins and influences we hadn't before. We wanted these songs to be vibrant and driving. Electric guitar! Distortion! Faster tempos! After taking a step back from the new material, we realized this isn't a folk record, and that we aren't a folk band. We are genre-fluid city folk - influenced by music from all directions, going in whatever direction the music takes us.

We truly hope you enjoy And Then You Were Gone. Personally, it's the proudest I've ever been of a BHM recording. Can't with for 7/20!

- Megan

Big shout out thank yous to Ron Disilvestro and Phil Nicolo, for their impeccable work on the audio, and to James Suit, for taking some beautiful photos.