Pre-order our new EP!


Our EP is complete! 

In the four years since our last release, Red Summer Spirit, we’ve had several line-up changes, gotten married and divorced, had children, moved into and out of houses and grown into ourselves. These 5 new songs are our homage to these years and the intensely personal music they’ve created. Our new EP (title TBA soon!) was recorded and mixed by our main squeeze, Ron DiSilvestro (who also recorded and mixed Red Summer Spirit), at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA, Forge Recording in Oreland, PA, and Studio D in Jenkintown, PA. It was mastered by the one and only Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.

We are so excited for you to hear this new album and we are in the final stages of prepping it for release. SOOO...we’re coming to you through PledgeMusic to to provide you, the fans who have been with us through these changes, a chance to dive deeper, sooner, and with less boundaries into the music we’ve been crafting.

A little background on PledgeMusic:

PledgeMusic has been around since 2009 and has truly become a champion of online music distribution for independent artists. This is a direct-to-fan platform that’s a win-win for artists and fans alike. Allowing fans to pre-order music and merchandise before the official release helps independent artists like us recoup some of the money we spent to record the music, press CDs, print t-shirts, etc. Getting that money back earlier in the release cycle helps us book more shows, travel farther, and create new merchandise, in order to support and promote our new album. It gives you, the fans, access to new music before anyone else, along with exclusive t-shirts, art, and experiences that we are only offering through PledgeMusic! Speaking of which...

...we have 14 different exclusive options to choose from! We are a creative and crafty bunch in this band (Ryann and Desiree specifically). Aside from music, we love creating one-of-kind works of art and can't wait to make you something unique - from hand painted t-shirts, to jewelry, to large canvas paintings! There's something for everyone!

Maybe pre-ordering is out of your means right now. Or maaaaybe you just love us enough to keep helping us. Sharing our campaign is the cornerstone of PledgeMusic! Please tell your friends, family, coworkers, enemies, pets, kids, ghosts, congressmen and women; post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever apps you crazy kids are using these days. Send emails, write letters, send a telegram, dial in some Morse code!

BHM's first EP, Kickstarter Rewards and more!

Hey everyone!  We bring exciting news to all our fans, especially those who donated to our Kickstarter project which will fund our full length album later this year. The EP we recorded with Edan Cohen is being mastered as I write so expect that very soon.  We hope to have it pressed in time for our August 10 show at Milkboy in Ardmore, PA (fingers crossed!).  And for those of you who donated at the appropriate reward level, you'll be getting a download version for free!

Next up, on the same front, we are working on some new merch designs (especially the t-shirt).  If anyone has any great ideas for t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. we'd love to hear them.  Otherwise Meg is pretty awesome with this sort of thing so...no pressure!

Other than that, make sure you make it out to our Ardmore show (get your tickets here!).  We're playing with a good friend of ours and amazing musician from Brooklyn, Christopher Paul Stelling.  It'll be our last one for a bit as we gear up to enter the studio to start recording our full length at Forge with Ron DiSilvestro.

Thanks to everyone who's made it out to our shows this summer.  We've gotten a chance to play with and get to know some great folks!

'Til next time...


there are still reasons to donate to our Kickstarter

Hey everyone!Just wanted to let you know that even though we are all really excited about hitting our goal on Kickstarter, there is still more work to be done. Most people don’t know this, but both Amazon and Kickstarter will take a percentage of our donation total. We have done the math and it adds up to about $800! So before we celebrate too much, we want to raise that much over our goal to cover these loses. But we only have until Thursday, May 10 at 4pm! We know that with fans like ours, this will be a breeze. So if you have been waiting to give and thought “oh well, they already made it”, we still need your help! So please keep donating and don’t forget about the awesome giveaways we have lined up!

kickstarter donate

Our project ends Thursday, May 10th at 4pm. Please donate before then!

- Dave

P.S. We heard the first mix of our EP, and it sounds great! Make sure you get it!

win tickets! (& kickstarter updates)


We have three big updates on our Kickstarter Project! To check on our progress, view rewards and videos, or to donate, click here or the donate button below.

Update 1: Win 2 FREE tickets to see us perform LIVE on WXPN Philadelphia! On April 29th, we will be live in the XPN studios as part of the Folkadelphia series. We have been invited to bring a small 20 person audience. Beginning Tuesday, April 11, the next five (5) people to donate $10 or more to our Kickstarter will receive two tickets to join us for this intimate live performance. The performance will be played live on WXPN and also recorded and streamed on XPN's website! Come be part of the party! Winners will be contacted through Kickstarter to confirm prize. If a winner does not wish to or cannot attend the XPN even on April 29th, tickets will pass to the next eligible donor.


Update 2: We just recorded a 4-song EP! We spent March 31 - April 1 with our good friend Edan Cohen (who made our Kickstarter video) recording four songs that we will be releasing soon! Everyone who donates $25 or more gets a free download of the EP if we meet the $10,000 goal! Check out pictures from the "Ardmore sessions" here.

Update 3: We have roughly one month left and over $3,000 more to raise! Please help us reach our goal! Click here to donate.

The $10,000 we are trying to raise will be put towards making our first studio album. This money will cover time in the recording studio with a professional engineer/producer, mixing and mastering of the album, pressing and packaging of CDs, fees for digital distribution, and a small amount left over for some basic merchandise like buttons, stickers, & T-shirts.

Two FAQs about Kickstarter:

What happens if you do not raise the full $10,000?

If we do not raise $10,000 or more in donations by May 10th, we will not receive anything. Kickstarter will not charge your credit cards until May 10th and only if we reach $10,000 in donations. (Click here to find out more about how Kickstarter works). PLEASE help us by donating any amount. As you can see in the paragraph above, album-making expenses add up very quickly. It would mean the world to us if you could help us reach our goal!


Is it possible to contribute even after BHM reaches $10,000?

Yes. $10,000 is the minimum amount we have to make to hit the goal and get the money. However, once a Kickstarter project's goal is reached, contributors may still donate if they wish. Our project ends on May 10th whether we reach our goal, exceed it, or fall short. Rest assured, if we are lucky enough to receive more than $10,000, we will put it to good use. More money is never a bad thing in this situation as it could allow us more studio options, upgrades to CD packaging, more merchandise, etc.

If you can't contribute, or already have, could we ask you to help spread the word by sending this around to your email and Facebook contacts?

We want to shout out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has already donated! Donor list since our last post: techie_grrrl, Max Kleinman, Kara Manning, LTaylor, Judy Hotchkiss, Kathleen Manning, Michael Southerton, Courtney Wilkinson, Ellen Logan, Tanyon Sann Allison, Patricia Richardson, Nicole Logan, Christopher Thomas, Charlene Berger, Bill Fulforth, Laura Dendyuk, Kelly McGrogan, Michael Manning, Kyle Cassidy, Lucy Willingham, Shana Drew, Jeron Frame, Roseann Kelly, Helen Brewster, James Green, Amanda Bertie Michaels, Shirlene Kirk, Lou Tardona Jr, Susan Taylor, Sheridan, Shana, mdiamond, Sarah Cradic, Regina Paluszkiewicz, Mike Feurstein, Stephanie, Jennifer Mulrooney, Jeffery Fields, Jim Tessmer, Charlie Salomon, Derek Stephensen, Larry Duczkowski, scrmblr, Kristen Klem, The Beat, Dave McKelvey, Carman Spotto, Christine Mullen, and Cindy Beal.

We have truly been blessed and humbled by the number of people who believe in this project. Thank you, THANK YOU!

busy bees

We have been very. busy. It's been an exciting few weeks for the band, so if you haven't been following our Facebook updates, allow me to get you up to date:

  • Early in the month, we played a super fun house party at Dave's. We went for an au natural acoustic setup, so not to folk-rock North Philly too hard. A surprising number of people came out and they were a great audience. We hope they had as much fun as we did. Des' friend, and new BHM friend, Tom Barrett was also on hand to take some photos during and after the set. Check them out if you like!
    andras dave shoot happy bhm-147-edit

  • Mid-April, we began recording a 4-song EP at Kawari Sound Studio with the awesome Matt Muir. We spent two long days/nights in the studio and banged out the majority of vocals and instrumentation. It was a real success for the group, as our first time together in a professional studio with limited time and budget. It was tough at times, but everybody brought their A-game, dug deep, and created something that we are very proud of. We are really excited for everyone to hear the finished product.  Check out some behind the scenes pictures!
    bhm-103-edit bhm-008-edit bhm-026-edit bhm-037-edit

  • Last Friday, we played a show in Newark, Delaware at Home Grown Cafe with our friends New Sweden. It was a blast and we are hoping to work with them again soon. Please check them out if you haven't already. They put on a great show and have certainly made fans out of us.

  • This week, we returned to Kawari Sound Studio to put some finishing touches on our EP. In the next few weeks, we will be editing, mixing, and mastering. Stay tuned for info about the release! Excitement!

  • Last, but not least, next Tuesday, May 3, we are competing in the Music-a-Live! Philly battle of the bands, hosted by The Legendary Dobb's on South St in Philadelphia. We were chosen, along with 13 other bands, to compete for prizes and help benefit music programs in Philly. The contest takes place the first four Tuesdays in May - 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. Bands are judged by a panel of professionals and audience participation. That means we need YOU! Please come out this Tuesday, May 3 and support us!
    Check out the Music-a-Live! Philly Facebook page here.
    RSVP to the first contest event here.

We hope to see you soon (Tuesday, May 3!)