Show this Friday & Photo Contest

Do you like prizes? I sure as hell do. I mean, who doesn't like prizes, right?Well, Black Horse Motel is currently holding a live photo competition..and we're giving away prizes!

Now, of course, to win you have to come to our shows...but we know you're coming anyway, so just make sure you don't forget take snap some pics, post, and tag!

Our next show is this Friday! Friday, May 9 Hard Rock Cafe Philly 8pm, $10, 18+ buy tickets here!

Lineup: The Band of Rivals A Fistful of Sugar Black Horse Motel

"What kind of prizes can I win?", you ask?

1st place - signed LP, signed EP, and t-shirt 2nd place - signed LP, and t-shirt 3rd place - signed LP

So, for a chance to win, come out to the show on Friday at Hard Rock Cafe. And remember to tag us in the photo/video, or else we'll never know you are an artistic genius.

Bye! David photo contest