Summer Photo Contest Winners

This summer (May-September), we asked you wonderful fans to submit pictures or videos of us via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube for a chance to win some sweet, sweet free stuff.Welp, we finally finished compiling all the submissions and voting and here are the results! Thank you to everyone who took up space on their phones to capture us! We appreciated every one, but unfortunately, we could only choose 3 winners. (Let's keep it going. Just because the official contest is over, doesn't mean we aren't still in the giveaway mood ::winky wink::)

First Place First place goes to Sukumar Balachandran for this beautiful picture of Desiree from the Philadelphia Folk Festival on August 15. You get an autographed copy of Red Summer Spirit, a t-shirt, and a copy of our Black Horse Motel EP !

Second Place Second place goes to Anna Marie Frattarola for this perfectly moody shot of us at Burlap and Bean on July 12. You get an autographed copy of Red Summer Spirit and a t-shirt!

#blackhorsemotel #musicvenue #listeningroom #livemusic #local #music

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Third Place Third place goes to Rachel McCollough for this acoustic shot of us at the Colonial Plantation on July 26. You get an autographed copy of Red Summer Spirit !

Honorable Mention Choosing only three photos was tough. We received so many great shots that we feel like we need to mention two more.

This one makes me laugh every time. Taken at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Ryann signs what we are assuming is her first leg.

Ellen getting leg signed by a member of Black Horse Motel #PhilyFolkFestival #blackhorsemotel

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And this capture of the essence of handsomeness from our North Star Bar show on June 15.

I haven't been to North Star in a minute but tonight I got to see @blackhorsemotel kill it!

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Thanks again to everyone for a super fun contest! We hope to see you at our show this Saturday, Dec 13 in South Philly. Details in this post .


Show this Friday & Photo Contest

Do you like prizes? I sure as hell do. I mean, who doesn't like prizes, right?Well, Black Horse Motel is currently holding a live photo competition..and we're giving away prizes!

Now, of course, to win you have to come to our shows...but we know you're coming anyway, so just make sure you don't forget take snap some pics, post, and tag!

Our next show is this Friday! Friday, May 9 Hard Rock Cafe Philly 8pm, $10, 18+ buy tickets here!

Lineup: The Band of Rivals A Fistful of Sugar Black Horse Motel

"What kind of prizes can I win?", you ask?

1st place - signed LP, signed EP, and t-shirt 2nd place - signed LP, and t-shirt 3rd place - signed LP

So, for a chance to win, come out to the show on Friday at Hard Rock Cafe. And remember to tag us in the photo/video, or else we'll never know you are an artistic genius.

Bye! David photo contest