…a gorgeous array of tones and styles that differ greatly yet work flawlessly together as a unit
— Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman review of Parable



"Top notch, grade AAA musicianship induce beautiful melodies, enchanting harmonies, engaging sound beds and a collection of five truly moving and sonically epic tracks." - Middle Tennessee Music.com review of Parable


"...your immediate instinct is to hit 'replay.'" - Indie Spoonful review of "Where The Money Comes From"


"...Parable, is nothing short of brave and adventurous...The EP richly—and intelligently—shows-off this talented quartet’s creative and imaginative range of styles and moods. From roots to rock, ballads to anthems, BHM really has something here..." - The Ark of Music review of Parable


"'Where The Money Comes From' ... is a perfect mixture of harmonizing duets and instrumental from the guitar, cello, drums, and violin. Throughout the song, you will be clapping and singing the insanely catchy hook." -  - Review Fix review of Parable


"All through Parable, Black Horse Motel combines a mix of strings, percussion, and their intricate harmonies to produce tracks that would give The Outlaws and Charlie Daniels a run for their money." - Skope Mag review of Parable


"The instrumentation has this raw and gritty presentation to it that makes the whole thing feel like a live performance, and furthermore – the lyricism is beautiful, holding onto your attention from start to finish." -  Stereo Stickman review of Parable

"...the Parable EP is one of the best releases we’ve heard this year. 8.8/10" - NeuFutur Magazine review of Parable


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..."resounding, wood-burning resolve of storytelling laid over fresh strings complimented by the force of folky Americana and endearing harmony" - The Deli Philadelphia